About Dannielle

With a background in Psychology, Business Psychology, Coaching and Counselling, Dannielle is highly accomplished in understanding and analysing human behaviour.

Having read Classical History (BA) at UCL Dannielle became fascinated with human behaviour throughout history and was spurred to further her understanding of Psychology, particularly the role that it plays in the corporate arena. 

Dannielle Haig holds a MSc in Occupational Psychology, a Masters degree in Psychology, a Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling and Counselling Skills and a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching.

Dannielle Haig is an accredited member of the British Psychology Society (BPS),  the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) and the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). 

In her spare time, Dannielle, enjoys working with a variety of women's charities and is a keen traveller, exploring cultures and world history.