Business Coaching

Managers and Executives will find that more and more of their office time is spent mentoring and coaching their teams and/or other organisational members. This is undoubtedly an effective use of work time however, there must also be time for personal reflection and development.  Coaching allows you to take time out of your day to focus 100% on you and yourself alone.

Studies have shown us that companies both large and small believe that the two most important areas for their future depend upon leadership capabilities and affective management.

In order to keep momentum in one’s career and to increase one’s trajectory it’s important to ensure that the necessary skills are honed. Coaching is the favourite and considered the most effective development tool for these areas and from our knowledge of Occupational Psychology, DH Coaching aims to assist you with the skills required to develop your leadership and managing acumen.

DH Coaching will focus on your individual successes and help you find the confidence to realise and achieve your individual goals - get in touch to discuss how. 

Dannielle was able to provide me with the insight to resolve my issues surrounding my fear of failure that were stopping me from reaching my full potential. It took me a while to make the steps towards Coaching but it was the best thing I ever did.
— Jasper, M. Account Director in the Marketing Industry
Danni encouraged me to embrace my introvert personality and utilise it in my career instead of fighting it. I’ve never felt more myself!
— Vijay, S. Lead Product Designer, International Design Agency
Thanks Danni, I couldn’t have made my career change without you!
— Clare, C. Executive Assistant, Finance
My time with Dannielle has proved rewarding on a both a professional and personal level. One of the best investments in my career. Thank you!
— Sebastian, K. Mechanical Design Engineer, Automotive Industry